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JGU Mainz
Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz
Department "Ethics & Anthropology"


Teaching style
Main areas of interest
German Literature
Theory of Knowledge

Third-party funded projects

  • Compassio. Relevance and Applicability of the concept of „sympathy“ in contemporary bioethical debates (with Dr. Hick, Cologne)
  • Co-proponent for the interdisciplinary project “Non-personal justification of the right to life. Comparatistic and  interdisciplinary aspects with special regard to Buddhism and Neo-Konfuzianism” (together with Prof. Grätzel, Mainz, and Prof. Guhe, Fudan University, Shanghai), funded by the German research association (DFG)
  • Head of interdisciplinary research group “BIOS – boundary questions of life” (5/2004-11/2009, funded by the Metanexus Institute, Philadelphia)

Panel diskussions, Chaired conference divisions

  • Chair of the section “Das Große Leben”. International Congress “Nietzsche – Macht – Größe”, August 27-30 2009 in Naumburg
  • “Naturästhetik im Diskurs. Am Beispiel des Mittelrheintales”, July 27, 2008, panel discussion, Allgemeine Zeitung (Mainz), horticultural show, Bingen
  • Exploring Reality – Creation and Evolution: 3 Questions to be put to a panel of invited academics, made up of scientists, theologians, and philosophers. Conference Human Persons and the God of Nature (Sept. 3-6, 2007), September 5, 2007

Organization of conferences

  • “Concepts of Life: Interdisciplinary approaches” Conference of the BIOS LSI group „BIOS – Boundary questions of Life“, November 24-25, 2006, Institute for history, theory and ethics in medicine, Mainz
  • International conference “Life – Body – Person – Intercultural Aspects of an intricate relation”, April 25-27 2007 (with Michael Gerhard, Dr. Eberhard Guhe), Mainz



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